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A New Home for Love

Doctors crushed Amanda Miller’s hopes when they told her she’d never have children of her own after the accident barely two years ago. Now at 26, she’s unsure what to do with her life as she lives alone, having tragically lost her parents around the same time. She desperately wants someone in her life, but what man will want her when she can’t provide him with a family of his own?

Then everything changes when she reads an ad from out west seeking a bride to take care of his children after losing his own wife to disease. A doctor in Wyoming, they exchange letters with promises of love and dreams, and of something more. Amanda decides to trust God and moves to start the new life she dares to hope will give her the fulfillment she so strongly desires.

Yet once she arrives, Amanda is shocked and hurt to discover the man who wrote the letters is far different in person; he’s not the romantic and doting man she thought she’d meet. She quickly grows to love the children, but is that all there is to it? Is she destined forever to be married to a man who only wants her help, and not her companionship? Or will time surprise them both, and in ways neither of them see coming…

A Surprise in the Storm

Catherine Wood and Jesse Adams don’t have much in common, but what they do share is a wish to be anywhere but where they are: abandoned at the rail station by their future spouses.

A storm is quickly approaching and Jesse, being a man of chivalry and good heart, decides to offer help to the woman now stranded and uncertain of what to do.

Having traveled far to start a new life she now knows is over, thanks in part to the letter she receives from a courier at the station, she accepts, and the two of them head out to take shelter. In the process, they both learn something more of each other, but is it enough to stem the overwhelming sense of a future lost and mend a broken heart?

For both hearts are broken, and both are let down. But perhaps a storm is just what Catherine needs, for now she sees more clearly than before, and Jesse might just feel the same way. Can they both make it through the storms within and the storm without?