Amish Second Chances in Love

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Emma Yoder is content. Both in working her restaurant, and in life. But with the arrival of Caleb, an Amish man new to Coach opening his business next door, she soon realizes her status quo is about to be upset.

Caleb wanders and never wants to settle down, laying roots just deep enough to make a living before moving on from both location and the few friends he makes in each subsequent town. But now Emma has caught his eye. There’s just something about her, yet the two couldn’t be more completely different.

Happy to be, and work alone, Caleb’s presence and strength of personality turns Emma off. Besides, if her past is any indication, she deserves the complacent life she has, and it seems to suit her just fine. Caleb isn’t her type anyway, and they both sense it. But could what sets them apart be what they each sense deep inside is missing from their own lives?

He has trouble settling down, and she refuses to entertain a relationship with any man, let alone someone with such strong character. But the heart wants what the heart wants, even if they both don’t know it yet. Second chances can be a first start for each of them, if they each just let themselves trust in God.

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Publisher: Wholesome Authors
Publication Year: 2018
eBook Price: $0.99
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