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Young Emma's secret tortures her. She doesn't feel worthy of a good husband and keeps herself buried in her work and love of books.

Yet a chance encounter at the library with Matthew Graber, a charming and handsome young man with surprises of his own, gives her cautious hope, despite her past.

But Stacy, an English girl who bullies Emma, tries to ruin Emma and steal Matthew, causing Emma to question everything about herself all over again.

Will Emma find love and the forgiveness she needs to move on? Or will Stacy break it all apart...again.

At just 19 years old, Clarissa Banks is trapped. In a moment of desperate weakness, and With little time to leave Chicago behind, she answers an ad for a mail order bride in Nebraska.

She sees this as her one-time chance to escape both her past and the mob boss who's planning to take her as wife for himself.

But coming into town there are many questions, including wondering if the man she meets, Mickey Myers, is worse for her than the fate she left behind.

Despite burgeoning attraction, doubt plagues Clarissa and Mickey both, and misunderstandings could just be the start of their problems.

Can they move past both their hidden fears and deeply-held secrets, and learn to trust the other while finding the love they both seek? Can they both learn to love again despite their difficult pasts?